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Fill 'er Up 1.0

Your road trip gas expense calculator

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Fill 'er Up helps you calculate gas expenses for your road trip. Just enter your trip distance, fuel price, mileage (mpg/kmpl) and number of trippers and you're all set to go! Pun intended! :o)

Fill 'er Up will show you how much gas you need to fill as well as the total gas cost for your trip. In case you're sharing gas expenses with the rest of your trip-mates, it also calculates the gas damages per person.

Just so there is no confusion, I use the word 'gas' here to interchangeably refer to gasoline / petrol, diesel, bio-diesel, alcohol, water, Kool-Aid™ or whatever it is that your car / truck / bike / plane / ship / submarine or whatever you drive / fly / ride / sail guzzles. Phew!

You can also switch units between miles-gallons and kilometres-litres if you're nit-picky about those kind of things.

So go ahead, fill 'er up and make that trip you've been planning all this while! Leave the gas-expense calculation to Fill 'er Up! Bon voyage and drive safe!

No Calculation issues
There seem to be some comments on the Market about the calculation not working for some people. Please DO NOT enter your vehicle's odometer reading (total miles or kilometres traveled by the vehicle so far) in the "Car Mileage" input box. You need to enter the average MPG or KMPL of your vehicle here. This is generally a 2-digit number, e.g. 24 (highway) or 20 (city), that tells the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. There might have been a communication gap here which we will rectify in the next update to this app. :o) Thanks to Christian Harrison Da Costa for this great tip!

If you're still unable to get a result, see the screenshots link to determine if you can see all the layout elements properly. Let us know if anything is missing from your screen or just send us (or upload on our FaceBook page) a screenshot of your screen / error so that we can resolve this issue. You can search Google on how to take a screenshot of your Android device. Though we cannot physically see the actual error on your phone or test this app on your specific phone model, we want this app to work for you. So any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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