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Walk On 1.1

A Simple Pedometer

Walk On logo QR - Walk On

Walk On is a simple pedometer app. If you didn't know already (!!!), a pedometer is a device used to count your steps when you are walking or jogging. Walk On uses the accelerometer in your smartphone to detect your motion and count steps.

Walk On provides functionality to pause/resume counting and to adjust the sensitivity of the pedometer. It even continues counting your steps when your device is put to suspend/sleep mode (on supported devices; see FAQ). Pedometer apps can drain your device's battery significantly as the CPU needs to stay awake while they run. Ensure that when you are done exercising, you press the Reset button and then quit the Walk On app. This will ensure the CPU is not kept awake by the app and save your battery life.

Sensitivity bar issues
For those facing issues with the sensitivity bar, remember...
< Left side is more sensitive. Right > side is less sensitive.
So if you move the sensitivity bar all the way to the right,
your movement may not be detected.

To download the Walk On app:

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