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Walk On - FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I use the app?

To start / pause / resume counting, press the counter display. To stop and reset the counter, press the Reset button.

It doesn't seem to count accurately.

You will probably need to adjust the sensitivity. To adjust the sensitivity, use the sensitivity bar: left side for more sensitivity and right side for less. You might have to do a few test runs before you find out your correct sensitivity setting. The default sensitivity works for me when I walk with my phone in my jeans' front pocket. Your mileage may vary so you might have to set the sensitivity accordingly.

For more accurate results, keep the phone as tightly coupled to your body as possible when using the app. i.e. let it move with your body. The phone relies on its movement to count steps. So, the results may not be accurate if your phone is swinging wildly on its own in your loose track pant pockets while you are running.

Why does it stop counting when my phone is in standby / suspend / sleep mode?

Due to some inconsistency in the way pre-2.2 Android phones behave during standby, this app (as well as most other pedometer apps) may not work correctly on some pre-2.2 phones. Specifically, the pedometer will stop counting whenever the device is put on standby or goes to sleep. This is not a problem with the app but with the base OS itself. This Android issue (3708) has reportedly been fixed in Android version 2.2 and should ideally work without any problem on phones with Android 2.2 or later. Update! Reportedly, this issue is still not fixed in 2.2 for some phones. A new Android issue (11028) has been raised for this. :o( Hopefully, this will be fixed soon in the next version of Android... and hopefully, your phone will be upgradeable to the next version of Android.

You can find more information on this problem at the links below:

Is there any other way to make it work even in standby mode on my phone?

A workaround for some phone models where this issue is present is to temporarily change your display settings so that your phone does not go to sleep. Beware though! This will drain your battery really fast!

Is there anything important I need to know about this app?

IMPORTANT: In order to keep counting while the phone is in sleep mode, pedometer apps need to keep the CPU awake in sleep mode. This can cause a significant drain on the battery. To minimize the drain, always Reset the counter to zero and quit the app by pressing the Back button after you are done using it.

Why is my battery draining fast?

See previous question. If the counter is not reset to zero or the app is not closed by pressing the Back button, it keeps running in the background and will continue to keep the CPU awake thus draining your battery fast.

I set the sensitivity all the way down and now it doesn't stop counting!

If you set the sensitivity bar all the way to the left (most sensitive), you might notice that the counter keeps increasing even without any phone movement. Relax, it's just your phone's accelerometer responding to the Earth's movement (I think).They are that sensitive. At least on my phone they are.

Do I need to readjust the sensitivity bar EVERY time I start the app?

Starting with version 1.1, Walk On remembers your previous sensitivity bar setting so you do not need to adjust the sensitivity bar to your preferred level every time you restart the app. Thanks for your feedback.

Did you even test this app?

Due to a limited budget, I have only been able to test this app on my Samsung Galaxy Spica GT-I5700 running Android 1.5 (Cupcake) where it works like a charm. Please feel free to donate other phone models for testing if you feel the irresistible urge to do so. ;)

Do you maintain a changelog for this app?

Why, yes! You might even see your name in there if you have provided some useful feedback that resulted in a change. :) This is just a way of letting you know your feedback is appreciated. Worry not, your e-mail details will not be revealed in the changelog to protect your privacy. You can find the changelog here.

I have a feature suggestion or improvement area for this app. How do I contact you?

Thanks! You can use the contact page to reach us.

I am facing some issues with the app. How can I contact you?

Let me know if you face any issue with this app on your phone and I will try to get it fixed. Remember to include your phone model, Android version, carrier and location details. Use the contact page to reach us or just post your issue on our Facebook page. Remember, if the problem is specific to a phone model, I might not be able to help though I'll surely give it a shot.

I simply love (or hate) this app! What do I do?

If you love this app, let your friends know; if you don't, let us know. We'll see what we can do about it. To tweet this app to your friends, you can simply click on the little Tweet button at the bottom of this page or the app description page. You can also 'like' or 'share' the app on Facebook using the buttons provided. Also, become our fan on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to be in on the latest announcements!

I have some feedback / complaint / compliment / important message. How do I contact you?

Please use the contact page to reach us or post a comment / tweet on our Facebook / Twitter page.

I have a great idea for a new app. How do I contact you?

Use the app requests page.

How do I contact you for anything else?

You can use the contact page or just post your comment / query on our Facebook page for any other matter.

This page is full of Facebook / Twitter buttons!! What's the matter with you??

Sorry... Got carried away. :oP Why don't you just give in and join us on Facebook / Twitter ? :o) We'd like to stay in touch.